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A Podcast focused on Dignity, Beauty, and Truth. You have incredible value. When we speak to your dignity, you can live that identity. When we recognize your Beauty, you can stand with the Majesty of Heaven. When we speak the Truth of the Universe, you can be Sanctified. Explore with us the mindset and choices that bring dignity to your sexuality, your relationships, and your soul!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #09 The Power of Being Intentional in Relationships Towards Marriage

    Bryan Keahi Domingo joins us for another lively discussion of the mindset one can have in pursuing relationships towards marriage.  He courageously welcomes his wife, Ashley Domingo, to share her perspective and some key moments along their journey.  A powerful couple who know the value of mentorship and intentionally choosing ...


  2. #10 The Life of the Unborn is Worth Taking a Stand For

    Fred Hagen indicates to us the power of your personal presence in advocating for the life of the unborn through prayer. He also shares the wisdom of the mindset behind some books available through the priests for life website. Ximena Suarez begins to rally the troops in Honolulu, Hawaii to ...


  3. #07 The Dating Box

    Join us for a mindset shift on the dating scene. Equip yourself towards being intentional about choices and expectations.  Bryan Keahi Domingo joins the show to indicate to us how to have successful outcomes in dating that point to long-term happiness and relationship success.  This mindset provides for creating a ...


  4. #06 Contraception and Its Effect on Reproductive History Patterns

    The design factor of pheromones in the body.  The cautionary tale of the unprinted bodily harm side-effects of Hormonal Contraception. And the long-term effect on our reproductive history. ...


  5. Episode # 5 - Benefits of NFP vs Hormonal Contraceptives

    Hear Ed Coda's perspective/wisdom about Natural Family Planning. Unnecessary negative/harmful side-effects of Hormonal Contraceptives, the Pill.  Solutions to bloating, PMS, moodiness, PCOS, endometriosis, more. The mindset to bring dignity to your body! ...